Selecting CRM software can be a daunting task. There are a lot of options available to you in an increasingly busy market. Many CRM systems seem to boast the same list of features and functions as dozens of others. So how do you go about selecting CRM software for your organisation?

At Collier Pickard we pride ourselves on our stance as independent CRM consultants. This means that we’ll do our very best to ensure that you end up with the CRM system that’s right for you. But our years of experience in the field have led us to recognise that there are some systems that can be considered “best in breed”, and that have proven themselves to be flexible, reliable and cost-effective systems time and time again. These 7 recommended systems are listed below, but remember! If we don’t think they’re the right fit for your business we’ll help you find the CRM software that is!

act! CRM Support

By providing a 360-degree view of your customers, Act! helps you build profitable relationships, and to manage and forecast sales.

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Chrome CRM Support

Chrome CRM works to meet the unique needs of your business, integrating with applications from a secure online platform.

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Maximizer CRM Support

Benefit from a large enterprise system built with a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) focus and price with Maximizer CRM.

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Metis Professional Services CRM Support

For professional service firms, Metis is designed to work the way you do: acquire new clients and maximise opportunities.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

Uncompromising CRM that works the way professional services firms do. With strong Outlook integration and mobile access.

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Sage CRM Support

Whether you’re just starting out or already have several hundred employees, Sage CRM can help accelerate your business success.

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Infor CRM

Infor is CRM without compromise. Offering unparalleled flexibility & control in how you deploy, use and pay for CRM.

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The complete picture

CRM software is constantly evolving. It’s not just about contact management anymore. We recognise this and understand that your organisation may need more than just a stand alone CRM system.

Our experience doesn’t end with CRM software and best practice advice. We also have years of experience in fields surrounding CRM, from marketing automation to workflow tools and business intelligence, to accounting.

Each of these different fields adds to the complete picture of successful Customer Relationship Management.

Marketing Automation Platforms and Software

 The way people shop has changed, and the way we do business has to change with it. Enter the new world of marketing – marketing automation. Build stronger relationships with prospects and customers from the very start of their journey.

dotMailer email marketing automation

Email marketing and marketing automation. World class automation solutions for SMEs, retailers and big brands.

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HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform

Use HubSpot’s top-ranked software to generate more traffic, leads and sales. 10,000+ companies run their marketing on HubSpot.

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Salesfusion Marketing Automation Platform

Bring marketing and sales together with the leading marketing automation solution for mid-sized B2B businesses.

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Business Intelligence and Workflow Tools

 Gain deeper insight into your business and automate repetitive or costly tasks with our range of carefully selected business intelligence and workflow automation software.

QlikView Business Discovery Platform

Self-service business intelligence software that helps organizations make transformative discoveries that lead to better decisions.

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Taskcentre Business Process Management

Automate virtually any employee-driven process through a powerful suite of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies.

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TK Dialogs

Create and deploy custom user interfaces and call guides with ease, and without the need for software development skills.

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With our extensive knowledge of Customer Relationship Management software and complimentary systems such as marketing automation and business intelligence we’re confident that we can help you find the right software for your organisation, no matter the size, complexity or budget of your requirements.

So let us know what you need, then sit back and let us do the hard work of selecting CRM software for you.