Win new clients, improve cross selling, enhance satisfaction

Professional services firms such as lawyers and accountants, architects and consultants, are turning to Client Relationship Management systems to improve growth and revenue. CRM has become the business development tool of choice for professional services firms looking to increase cross-selling and up-selling, improve client retention, and discover new clients.

Fee earners are looking to develop a more complete understanding of their clients, to access key information from anywhere at anytime including reports summarising recent interactions with their clients. Marketing and Business Development teams want to be able to track relationships with prospects and clients, send targeted communications to interested parties, monitor social activity and understand their campaign ROI. And Personal Assistants understand the need for seamless integration with word processing, time and billing and other key systems.

Before we go any further…

Collier Pickard has developed its own Client Relationship Management system for professional services firms. Metis Professional Services CRM is a leading solution used by firms across the UK. However, we are aware that by authoring Metis CRM we present a conflict of interest with our independent CRM consultancy position when dealing with professional services CRM.

With that in mind, we’ll take two approaches here: if you’d like information on a leading CRM system for professional services firms, have a look at Metis CRM; if you’d like our usual independent CRM advice, with no mention or recommendation of our own system then read on!