Over the (many) years 212 has been involved in technology solutions we’ve helped a broad range of organizations from across multiple industries implement successful platforms. The industries we’ve listed below reflect those with which we currently have a strong working relationship, but if you can’t see an example of technology for your industry listed here, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean we can’t help! Please get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can offer you expert advice.

CRM for Language Schools

Working with your Agents and Direct Applications.

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CRM for Financial Services

Maintain compliance, acquire new business, stay secure.

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High-tech CRM

Access, integrate and communicate with your data.

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CRM for Education

Grow enrolment and improve service levels and engagement.

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CRM for Media Companies

Retain sales data, improve advertising, and stay current.

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CRM for not for profit organisations

Communicate with your donors and understand your data.

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Professional Services CRM

Win new clients, improve business development, ensure compliance.

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Travel and Leisure CRM

Understand your sales/marketing data and build relationships.

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Success driven through customized solutions

Regardless of your industry, by seeking out professional advice you’re helping to ensure its success. If you’d like a bit more information before you talk to our team, why not take a look at our Resource Centre – filled with articles, eBooks and videos designed to help make your journey through CRM an easy one.

Visit our resource centre to view the full range of expert advice, or check out The Business Owner’s Guide to Selecting the rightsolution below:

Many organizations turn to CRM/ERP for one of two primary reasons:

  • They’re in growth mode and need to maintain the upward trajectory
  • They’re in trouble and need to retain control and turn things around.

Either way, the emphasis is on control.

Get all the information you need on selecting the right solution as a business owner.

Read The Business Owner’s Guide to Selecting CRM

Hands on migration and customization to have software work for your organization.

Not sure what you need?

If it’s still early in your discovery, or you’re not sure what direction to go at this time don’t panic! Just reach out to us for some advice and we’ll help steer you in the right direction for your organization.

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