Collier Pickard offers a range of independent CRM consultancy sessions and workshops designed to help you get the most from CRM, at whichever stage of your project you need. Whether it’s selecting CRM software, preparing for a CRM implementation, tuning-up your existing CRM or considering a change, independent CRM consultancy will help make the process easier for you.

Learn the skills you need and build a culture of CRM in your organisation with help from our team of independent CRM consultants.

CRM Preparation


Lay the foundations for a successful CRM system with expert guidance from our team of independent CRM consultants.

Start the journey

CRM Selection


Cut through the confusion surrounding CRM. Identify the features you need and find the CRM system to match.

Select CRM

CRM Management


Help your management team understand the purpose and benefits of CRM, investing them more heavily in the project.

Take the lead

CRM Strategy


Build a complex but flexible plan for CRM in your organisation. Understand your CRM Strategy, Tactics, Execution and Platform.

Form your strategy

Our CRM consultancy services have been specially prepared to help organisations of any size approach a CRM project of any level. From CRM for SMEs to global deployments, our team of independent CRM consultants will empower your organisation to make the most of CRM, at a cost suited to your budget.

Not sure you’re ready for CRM Consultancy just yet? No problem. We produce a range of CRM resources designed to help you at every stage of your journey, including The CRM Strategy eBook shown below:


Your CRM Strategy provides the context within which you acquire new customers, develop strong relationships and retain customers over long periods of time.

Without a CRM Strategy you risk losing customers, money and ultimately your entire business.

Not ready to dive into CRM consultancy yet? Understand the key steps you must make when formulating a CRM strategy with The CRM Strategy eBook.

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CRM Consultancy and Workshop Packages


Preparing for CRM

Duration: 1 – 2 days

Price: From £4,000

In order to make sure your CRM project is a success you need to do some preparation, before you even start to look at software packages. You need to understand your tactical plans—how you acquire new clients, develop relationships and retain loyal customers—before you start looking at software packages.

If you prepare for CRM in this way, you will be able to identify the features which deliver the highest value and eliminate the “nice to have” items which can cloud the issue.

The objectives of this CRM consultancy workshop are:

  • To identify and outline your strategic business goals
  • To understand the role CRM will play in achieving these goals
  • To map out the data you need to store and analyse in CRM.

In doing so, you will achieve:

  • A clear definition of the role CRM should play in your organisation
  • An understanding of the next steps to take in your CRM deployment.
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Selecting CRM Consultation

Duration: 1 – 2 days

Price: From £4,000

The CRM software market is huge with many competing products offering a range of features. But which one is right for your organisation? What features and functions do you really need?

Cut through the confusion with a Selecting CRM consultation. Our trained CRM experts will help you to work out exactly what you need from a CRM system and then narrow the field to help you find the right fit for the way you do business.

  • Identify your CRM requirements
  • Match your requirements to available systems
  • Select the right CRM system for your organisation
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Managing Through CRM

Duration: 1.5 days

Price: £3,750

The long term success of your CRM projects is linked directly to how committed your management team is to its use. This workshop develops practical tools to assist your management team in understanding the wealth of data generated by CRM; its focus is operational “best practice”.

This one and a half day CRM consultancy workshop aims to help your organisation’s management team adjust to a new culture of managing through CRM.

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STEP Workshop – Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Platform

Duration: 1.5 days

Price: £5,000

Our flagship CRM consultancy package, STEP is Collier Pickard’s proven methodology for the deployment of successful CRM.

Built on out deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in CRM initiatives, STEP has been used by organisations from SMEs to Enterprise across the UK and the global stage.

The objectives of this CRM consultancy workshop are:

  • To understand the scope and direction of the business top level goals and objectives
  • To identify the major KPIs which measure success and
  • To identify the timescales associated with goals.
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Not sure which consultation package is right for you?

Sometimes you just need a quick point in the right direction, or a little bit of advice to help progress through your journey, rather than a full CRM consultancy package. We’re here to help!

Contact us today and one of our CRM experts will get your project moving again.