Since 1995, Collier Pickard has prided itself on offering fast, efficient and friendly support to clients and their outsourcing partners. Our Support staff understand business – they also work on-site deploying systems, and know that a small technical issue can cause a large commercial problem.

If you are looking for reliable and friendly support for your CRM system get in touch with our team today.

  • Comprehensive Technical & User Support
  • System Health Checks / Audits & Monitoring
  • Technical Help & Troubleshooting
  • Training & Administration Skills
  • Data cleansing

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Maybe you don’t need a full CRM support system in place just yet. Instead you just need a bit of advice or information. We’d like to help! Why not check out our CRM Resource Centre and view our range of eBooks, articles and videos covering a wide range of CRM subjects.

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Information stored in different systems and not shared in CRM has the effect of keeping data isolated. The goal of a CRM system is to make it easier for clients to do business with you – so having this non-collaborative storage of information is counter-productive to the goal you’ve set yourself in CRM.

Short, sharp tips and tricks on all aspects of CRM in our CRM Whiteboard video series.

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Act! CRM Support

Versions: Act! 6 and later

Get help and assistance with Act! CRM support from Collier Pickard. Our team of certified technical consultants are on hand to help you with any support issues relating to Act! 6 and later.

Whether you need online support or a visit to your premises to resolve an issue our team are here to help.

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Chrome CRM Support

Versions: All

Keep your Chrome CRM system running smoothly with remote support from Collier Pickard. Our team of technical consultants are available to develop and support your hosted Chrome CRM software.

Choose from ad-hoc support or fixed support contracts to find the right Chrome CRM support for your organisation.

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Maximizer CRM Support

Versions: All

Keep your Maximizer CRM system on top form with support from Maximizer software’s leading partner – Collier Pickard. As the largest Maximizer partner in Europe we’re confident that whatever problem you may have with your CRM system, we can fix it for you with a minimal amount of fuss.

Support and development is offered for the most recent versions of Maximizer CRM. Support for older versions of Maximizer (version 10 and earlier) is available, but can only be offered on a “best-endeavour” basis.

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Metis Professional Services CRM Support

Versions: All

It’s probably not a surprise that as the authors of Metis Professional Services CRM, Collier Pickard are able to offer world class support.

As it’s based on the Infor CRM platform, support comes from our highly certified Infor technical consultants. Whether your firm needs a one-off fix or a dedicated support contract, our experienced and friendly team will help you in no time at all.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

Versions: 2011 and later

Maintain your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with support from Collier Pickard’s team of certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM technicians. Whether your issue is large or small, our friendly support service is available to help.

Choose from ad-hoc support or fixed support contracts to find the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM support for your organisation.

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Sage CRM Support

Versions: 2013 and later

Whether your system just needs a bit of TLC or a big overhaul to get things running nicely again, Collier Pickard can help. With our long history with Sage CRM, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to handle whatever support issue may arise.

Choose from ad-hoc support or fixed, annual support contracts that guarantee premium service for your organisation.

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Infor (formerly Saleslogix) CRM Support

Versions: All

As one of the most highly certified Infor business partners in the UK you can trust Collier Pickard to deliver an exceptional level of service to you should you need Infor CRM support.

Whether your deployment is on-premise or in the cloud, or you need on-site or remote support, our experienced team of Infor technical consultants will help keep your system running on top form.

Select from ad-hoc support or a fixed, annual support contract.

Support and development for version 7.2 and later of Infor CRM. Support for older versions of Infor is available, but can only be offered on a “best-endeavour” basis.

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Just need a bit of advice?

Maybe you don’t need support for your system, but just a bit of advice to steer you in the right direction. No problem! Just let us know and we’ll arrange a free CRM consultation between you and one of our highly experienced, independent CRM consultants. We’ll have you back on track in no time at all!

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