Patrick Fairon and our team of highly skilled developers have been creating custom CRM | ERP | API code since 1997, but the core team has been together for more than 27 years – which means we have a great deal of experience as an independent CRM | ERP consultancy.

We specialize in helping organizations make a success of their investment in CRM. Our team has implemented and worked with more than 500 + CRM implementations.

The professionals within our team include:

  • Business development, sales and marketing experts
  • Product specialists and certified CRM engineers
  • Technical and infrastructure specialists
  • Project managers and trainers

Our clients and customers are truly global and span most industry sectors. This gives us the breadth of experience needed to pluck ideas which work in one sector and adapt them to new ways of thinking in another. Equally importantly, this applies to what doesn’t work as well! This gives our team robust advisors and strong advocates of best practice.